MissPres News Round-up 4-2-2012

No fooling – it’s April already.  Don’t forget the Statewide Conference at the end of the month.

And now, the news.

I’m going to start this week with bad news out of SmithvilleThe story from this community is “that the Mississippi Department of Archives and History is not pursuing landmark status on any of the three buildings damaged by” the tornado last spring.  The superintendent told the local press that they hope to demolish the buildings before rebuilding – which will have to be done according to FEMA guidelines.  We’ve been following this on MissPres for the past year with four other roundups: First, Second, Third, and Fourth stories on the school.

Last week there was not so great news about the Spain House in Tupelo.  If you don’t want to follow the link to the story, basically city officials are concerned over a maintenance covenant they have to agree to in order to receive funds from MDAH to move the house (which will save it from demolition).  This week, I think things are looking up.  MDAH talked with the city and explained that the covenant does not require maintenance and repair beyond reason – in fact, the spokesperson for the state agency told the city that moving the house and “mothballing” it while other funding / ownership / repair possibilities are being examined is acceptable.  I’m not going to call this a total win yet – but I am pretty optimistic about it.

Two stories related to the LaPointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula popped up this week too both related to the creation of a Foundation  which “will establish the operating budget, maintain the museum collection, hire a curator and raise funds as a nonprofit agency.”  An editorial from the same source said that the “community treasure is now in good hands” with the formation of the foundation.  I agree with this editorial and I have a feeling this group will generate plenty of news from the Coast for future round-ups.

Finally, I caught a story from Aberdeen where they are showing off new signs in their Silk Stocking Row Historic District.  The story includes a photo of one of the signs – which are partially funded with a grant from MDAH.

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