Delta Poll Results

The results are in for the Delta poll, and they show that I was wrong once again in my expectations. I really thought more Delta folk would turn out to vote for their favorite place, but in the end, we ended up with a total of 355 votes, barely above the Central poll, which still sets the standard for least votes with 339.

I did expect Mt. Holly to win first place, and that prediction came true, followed closely by its nearby-Lake Washington neighbor, Belmont. All in all, Washington County came out strong, with 7 of the top 10 in its boundaries. Doe’s Eat Place came in 6th, the highest finish for a restaurant so far.

Only two more polls to go before I turn all this over to a friendly statistician to see what we end up with for our list of 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die. Next up will be Piney Woods, and we’ll have Jackson last, so maybe we can get out the votes for those two and finish strong!

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  1. I thought the Red Barn collapsed not long ago–I saw photos of it on Marty Kittrell’s blog. Did they resurrect it, or are we just looking at ruins?

    I am surprised (and pleased) to see the Round Barn on the list.


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