Name This Place 8.5.2

Martin Seigrist and Susan Allen split the 4 points on this morning’s place – which was J.R. Gordon’s 1903 Wilkinson County Courthouse in Woodville.

One more detail shot to work out and later I’ll crown our winner!

Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

7 replies

  1. Franklin County CH, Meadville, N.W. Overstreet


  2. I retract my earlier statement. It is the Walthall County Courhtouse, Tylertown, and X.A. Kramer was the architect


    • I was hoping it would take longer than 5 minutes for someone to get this. . . .

      By the way, that’s 3 out of 4 points – want to give the date to pick up the last point?


  3. Dang that’s one I knew off the top of my head. Gotta be fast around here!


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