Name This Place 8.5.1

Yesterday afternoon’s photo was of the Tippah County Courthouse in Ripley (correctly IDed by MartinSeigrist) which was designed by N.W. Overstreet (thanks SusanAllen) and built in 1928 (CRPIII).

Here’s how the standings look going into this final day of competition (and with 8 points up for grabs today, it’s still anyone’s game to win)

  • SusanAllen – 10
  • CRPIII – 7
  • Theodore – 5
  • JRGordon – 4
  • Suzassippi – 3
  • Belinda – 2
  • MartinSeigrist – 2
  • Thomas Rosell – 1

An easy one (I think) this morning:

Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

6 replies

  1. Wilkinson county CH, woodville


  2. Woodville, Wilkinson county, 1903


  3. J R Gordon, Arch


  4. Dang! I knew this one!


  5. Who would have guessed that I would pull out the second of J.R. Gordon’s Mississippi Courthouses this week?

    2 points to Martin Seigrist for the ID & Location and 2 points to Susan Allen for the Date & Architect.


  6. And I did not even know you were still working….


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