At the end of a long week

I don’t have much to say other than the Oxford/Holly Springs poll ends tonight around midnight, depending on how late I stay up, so if you haven’t voted or if you know someone from Holly Springs who hasn’t voted (judging by the standings, it looks like Oxfordonians have been turning out in high numbers), head over there and cast your vote!

Speaking of votes, Arkansas is holding a poll on their favorite places in celebration of their Septaquintaquinquecentennial. Our close Delta friend Lakeport Plantation, across the River from Greenville, is in the poll and doing very well so far. Plus there are other sites you might be interested in, such as Thorncrown Chapel, designed by Fay Jones, who did Picayune’s Pinecote Pavilion. Check it out!

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  1. For those who didn’t want to do the “big long word into a number of years” translation on a Friday morning, septaquintaquinquecentennial is 175.

    And I will admit that I had to google it – I didn’t figure it out on my own!


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