Halfway Through the Oxford/Holly Springs Poll

As is traditional at the halfway point of the regional polls for inclusion in our 101 Mississippi Places, we like to take a peek at where things stand. After one week in our poll of the north-central region and with 548 votes, Oxford history has a clear lead over Holly Springs. Come on Holly Springs folks, time to mount a stealth campaign!

At least we know that this poll will have more votes than the dismal Central poll a while back, which only garnered a total of 339 votes in two full weeks. Can this poll surpass the total of 1388 in the Northeast poll for bragging rights up in the hills? Will it come close to the high voter turnout we saw in the Natchez and Coast polls? Stay tuned and go vote!

Categories: 101 MissPres Places, Contest, Holly Springs, Oxford

3 replies

  1. It may be my cyberdensity, but I don’t seem to be able to find the poll to actually VOTE!

    Or is it closed now?


  2. Sorry Ben, I think I’ve done that before too, so I should have remembered. Thanks for the link NMissC, and I’ve also gone back and added it in the post itself!


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