Calling all Modernist Mississippi Shutterbugs!

Thanks to several eagle-eyed MissPresers who sent me the link to the article in the Clarion-Ledger yesterday, “Photos sought of modern Mississippi architecture for exhibit“:

The American Institute of Architects Mississippi Chapter is issuing an open call for photographic submissions for an upcoming exhibition highlighting Mississippi’s modern architecture.

The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers, with a special portion of the exhibit reserved for student photographers through the 12th grade.

The submission deadline is Feb. 15.

Those of you have been around these parts for a while might remember that the Mississippi AIA put on a similar photography exhibit back in the early days of this blog, in the spring of 2009, called Mississippi Celebrates Architecture. In that exhibit, they focused on “Mississippi’s Favorite Buildings” and worked in harmony with the national AIA’s 150th anniversary celebration that featured the 150 favorite buildings nationally (Mississippi didn’t make the national list, a travesty given that the Astrodome and not one but two Apple stores made it on).

Clicking over to the Mississippi AIA website, we find the Contest Rules, a list of suggested buildings, and a Primer on Modern Architecture. The small-print on the list informs us that it isn’t meant to be all-inclusive, and that’s good because it’s fairly random, but it does have some buildings I’ve never heard of before and now want to go find. The list is weighted toward the 1930s through the 1960s, has relatively few buildings from the 70s and 80s, and picks back up with more recent work in the 1990s and 2000s. Just for spite, I’m going to go try to find some 1970s buildings to take pictures of.

The rules also note that those photographs chosen by the AIA committee for exhibition must be framed for exhibit by the photographers, so that may limit how many photographs you choose to submit. The exhibited photos will then be judged and the “winners will be prominently identified.” Is this finally my chance at getting in my name in lights?

You should also note that the digital image of any photograph submitted can be used by the Mississippi AIA “for any and all non-profit promotional purposes” with proper credit in perpetuity.

I’m glad to see that the Mississippi AIA website has all of this easily located on their home page sidebar, since I had such a difficult time back in 2009 finding information to post. If I might be allowed one bit of advice, however, I would say that in addition to the links on the sidebar, it would be very helpful, in this day of social networking, to have a single link to send out that explains everything. Create a separate page with the title of the program, a brief introduction of what you’re doing, and links to all relevant documents. That way, visitors can share the link to that one page on their Facebook, Twitter, etc. and everyone can be happy. And don’t we all just want to be happy?

Here is a summary version of the Contest Rules from the AIA website:

Mississippi’s Modern Architecture
Submission Rules

  1. All submissions shall be in electronic format and must be of modern architecture located within the state of Mississippi. Photographs may be recently taken or may be submitted from the photographer’s archive collection. Photographs of structures that have been demolished are not acceptable.
  2. Artists are not limited to photographing the buildings listed on the AIA website. A photograph of any “Modern Building” within the State of Mississippi is eligible. Images may include the entire building or building details. The AIA Photographic Competition Committee will make the final determination if the building photographed fits the criteria for entry as Modern Architecture.
  3. The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers. A special portion of the photography exhibit will be reserved for Student Photographers through the 12th grade.
  4. The submission deadline is February 15, 2011.
  5. There is no limit to the number of submissions per photographer.
  6. Photographers will be notified of the acceptance of their submission by March 1, 2011.
  7. All request for clarifications and the electronic submissions shall be emailed to John Dunaway at:
  8. Photographs accepted for exhibiting must be printed and appropriately framed by the artist in a “modern style” frame and delivered to the gallery on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. The entries will be displayed from March 31 to April 30 at the Municipal Art Gallery at 839 North State Street in Jackson.
  9. Prints of accepted photographs must be framed (matting is optional) and ready to exhibit, including hanging wire or other hanging device. Inappropriate frames or poor quality farming will be rejected. There is no size limitation on the final print or frame.
  10. A fully completed submission sheet placed inside a clear sleeve must accompany each entry.
  11. Labels must be typed and affixed to the upper left-hand corner on the back side of the frame as follows:
    • Title:
    • Building name:
    • Architect:
    • Location: (City, town, county)
    • Date Taken: (If known)
    • Artist’s Name
    • Address
    • Home Phone and Fax
    • Work Phone and Fax
    • Cell Phone
    • E-mail Address
    • Cost of the photograph if the Artist wishes to offer it for sale
  12. Exhibited photographs will be judged by a Special Select Panel of AIA Architects, Educators, and Professional Photographers. The winning entries will be prominently identified at the Exhibit.
  13. The artist must retrieve all photographs after closing of the exhibit on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Photographs not picked up at the Gallery will be moved to the Mississippi School of Architecture and stored at AIA offices. The offices are generally open from 8:00 until 5:00, Monday through Friday. Call 601-360-0082 to verify that the office is open. After Monday May 9, photographs not picked up will be become the property of AIA Mississippi. Electronic images of the photographs may be used, with proper credit given to the photographer, for any and all non-profit promotional purposes by AIAMS. Your submission constitutes your agreement with this rule.

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12 replies

  1. Reading that list, I loudly guffawed many, many times.


  2. follow us on twitter:

    Joe Blake
    Executive Director
    AIA Mississippi


  3. Sounds like fun!
    I’d love to know if the
    First Mississippi National Bank, Hattiesburg, c. 1967 (Curtis and Davis)
    Mississippi Power & Light Company, 2992 West Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, c. 1966 (Curtis and Davis)
    are still there.


  4. Mississippi Power and Light is definitely still there, right across from whatever the Gulfport casino is now called. It got washed through in Katrina, and they replaced all the windows after that, so I’d be interested in hearing what you think about its integrity.

    First Mississippi National Bank is not one I’m familiar with, at least not by that name. Do you have an address or a description?


  5. There’s also the old IBM building here in Jackson by Curtis & Davis. Do you know of any others in Mississippi, Francine?


  6. As Chairman of Mississippi’s Modern Architecture Photographic Contest, it’s great to see this interest. Mississippi has a wealth of modern architecture from the 1930’s to present, so I’m very eager to see how photographers view the buildings they discover. Although the idea is to promote Modern Architecture, the contest is a photographic exposition, not an architectural design contest. I can’t wait to see more submissions from amateur and professional photographers around our state. Deadline for electronic image submissions is February 15th.


  7. Glad to know MS Power and Light survived another hurricane. Will be curious to see changes.
    Unfortunately I do not have addresses. This list of Curtis and Davis buildings in MS is excerpted from a finding aid at Tulane’s Southeastern Architectural Archives / Curtis and Davis office records / photographic prints.
    Mississippi, Bay St. Louis. Hancock County Jail
    Mississippi, Hattiesburg. First Mississippi National Bank
    Mississippi, Jackson. Hinds County Detention Facility
    Mississippi, Jackson. I.B.M. Building
    Mississippi, McComb. Summit Mills
    Mississippi. Mississippi Power Company
    Mississippi, Ocean Springs. Rafferty residence
    Mississippi, Pascagoula. Harkey residence
    Mississippi, Silver Run. Bhansali residence

    Also – long overdue – have added Preservation in Mississippi to DOCOMOMO web “reading list”


  8. Catch AIA Mississippi pres., elect Jared Pierce, AIA on WLBT TV Jackson Friday, Jan 28, between 12:30-1:00 PM with more news about Mississippi Celebrates Architecture, Photo contest, Architecture Symposium featuring lectures by Julie Snow, AIA, Merrill Elam, AIA, and Lary Scarpa on March 31 at the Mississippi War Memorial Auditorium. Call 601-360-0082 for more information.

    PS we will have cash awards top top entries in the photo contest

    Joe Blake
    Executive Director
    AIA Mississippi


  9. Did the entries and/or winners of this competition ever get posted online?


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