No it’s not a website dedicated to the preservation of Encyclopedias or even to the preservation of various wiki web pages.  Preservapedia is “your open encyclopedia for heritage conservation.”  The point being that although the internet is an amazing tool, all too often information can get lost among the hoi polloi of web pages. Preservapedia aims to create a place where all can contribute and information is readily shared.

While still in the development stages, Preservapedia looks to be a promising website with 17 subcategories including:  Archaeology, Architectural Styles, Architecture, Building Components, Case Studies, Engineering, Historic Manufacturers, Landscapes, Law, Materials, Museology, Organizations, People, Policy, Suppliers & Manufacturers, Sustainability,  and Theory.  In 2010 the National Center for Preservation Technologies and Training recognized the potential for the site and became its primary sponsor.

You don’t have to be a smarty pants to contribute.  Just write about what you know.  The only way the preservation movement will grow is by the dissemination of information. You’d be surprised to find how helpful your kernel of knowledge just might be to someone.

Categories: Architectural Research, Historic Preservation, National Park Service, Preservation Education

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  1. The piece on the restoration of the Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo is interesting. A gentleman who lived there as a child revisits the hotel with the new owner…


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