Some Mid-Week News

Since this can’t wait until our regular News Roundup, I wanted to make the MissPres universe aware of two events in which you might be interested. First, the Mississippi Historic Preservation Conference will be next Thursday and Friday in Natchez, and registration is open until Friday, April 30th. Second, as you may recall, two Jane’s Walks were held last year in Mississippi, celebrating the legacy of Jane Jacobs and her landmark work Death and Life of the Great American Cities. This Saturday (May 1), Jackson will be hosting another Jane’s Walk, this one downtown, beginning at the very reasonable hour of 10 AM. Meet in front of the Old Capitol and head out to get a pedestrian’s view of downtown and its architectural history. As always, I’ve added these events to the MissPres calendar, which you can always check as it’s conveniently located in the widgets over to the right under the title “Goings-On About MS.”

Also, I’ve changed the blog’s theme again–what do y’all think? This one gives a little more flexibility in the design, and also has some better navigational features than the other one. It also is supposed to print out neatly instead of all akimbo like the other theme did.

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  1. Looks good except for the title “WPA Guide…” which bleeds into the side column. Slick design.


  2. Hmmm, I’m not seeing that, on my screen, it’s a two-line title.

    I think you’ll like some other features too, like being able to have a “featured header” for each post if you want to.


  3. I like that the scrolling between posts while on the post/comment screen is back with this one.


    • That was something that bothered me from the beginning on the other one and one reason I decided to give this one a chance. So far, I’m liking pretty much everything about it. The font is a little big, but then again, many other blogs have font too small, so whatever.


      • I like the large font as my eyesight is rather bad, but it makes me feel elderly and any benefits may be offset by the extremely white background.


      • Yeesh, can’t please some people . . .

        According to the blogging/nerdy stuff I’ve been reading about this theme, it’s not any whiter than others but there’s more space between the letters and the lines than normal so you think it’s whiter. Since they’re still tweaking the theme, I’m hoping they dial that back a little, and I wouldn’t mind if they made the font one point smaller, just to make it less elderly-seeming. Nothing against my elderly readers, or any elderly people, or even people who merely feel elderly . . .


  4. Another feature I’m not sure I like yet, is the “Asides” feature, where posts that aren’t intended to be really important but maybe just a quick link or comment are fitted into the home page with a different font and no title. For instance, this post is an “Aside.” What do y’all think?


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