Month: March 2010

Jackson Details 2

Well, it’s been a while since our fabulously successful Jackson Details mini-contest, where MissPresers showed off their intimate knowledge of downtown Jackson and its architectural details. So, since it’s Spring (finally) (I think) and y’all would probably rather be outside… Read More ›

More Spring Happenings

As usual around this time of year–regardless of weird snow flurries three weeks into March–Mississippi is coming to life, with the daffodils, japanese magnolias, and now the Bradford pears blooming away, and the azaleas showing signs of budding. This is… Read More ›

Finding a (Dead) Architect

As you know, I enjoy getting to know all the architects and builders who created the landmarks that make Mississippi Mississippi. But research into architects, especially in the Magnolia State, can be really difficult since they didn’t really get organized… Read More ›

Things to do this Spring

Maybe these last couple of sunny, on-the-cusp-of-Spring days have given you Spring Fever. If so, I’m here to help. Spring Pilgrimage If you’re in Mississippi and it’s March, you know that a Spring Pilgrimage can’t be far behind. It took… Read More ›