Vacation Postcards: Ramada Inn, Jackson

THE RAMADA INN, Highway 80 and 20 West, Jackson, Mississippi. The unexcelled RAMADA INN features 112 modern rooms, year-round air conditioning, television, swimming pool, dining room, coffee shop, banquet and meeting facilities for up to 100 people, plus many other outstanding accomodations. You will remember your visit to the RAMADA INN of JACKSON as most pleasurable. Phone: (601) 948-5561–Free teletype reservations–TWX: 800-238-5800.

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  1. Highway 80 once had a large concentration of motels. It this has followed the path of most of them, I would assume that it is gone. I would also assume that the Drake, Brawn Derby (restaurant), Tarrymore, and others are also gone?


  2. The Brown Derby is definitely gone along with the motel behind it; wasn’t that where the Drake was? It was replaced with a Denny’s.

    The Tarrymore is still there, more or less. It is operating in some capacity, but I’m not sure what that is. There is sometimes a bus parked outside that is basically a brothel. The Krystal that was there for years next to it recently closed; high crime and a lack of businesses nearby were cited as reasons.

    Some of the others are still there, too, like the Stonewall Jackson. Their fate is similar to that of the Tarrymore. Their names have changed and working girls hang out outside.

    The Alamo was torn down some years ago; that is the worst to me. The Redwood Inn is still there on Terry Rd., though I think it is abandoned.

    I’m not as sure about the newer motels like this Ramada that are/were around Ellis Ave. and 80.


  3. The Alamo Plaza chain had an interesting history. John Jakle’s book, “The Motel in America” tells about it in exhaustive detail. Oddly enough, the Alamo Plaza on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge still hangs on, but it is also burdened with a dubious reputation.


  4. Great postcard. What is the date? It has a 1960s look to it. I notice they offered a free teletype reservations number, suggesting pre-1980s. I recall using teletype in the early 1980s, but according to Wikipedia, “The last vestiges of what had been Teletype Corporation ceased in 1990, bringing to a close the dedicated teleprinter business.”

    The availability of year-round air conditioning is also amusing. It reminds me of hotels in Greece that offered “all-day hot water.” In more modest accommodations, you had to ask the proprietor to turn on the water heater if you wanted a bath.


  5. I would guess that this card is from the early 1970s.


  6. See the picture at the pool? My brother Steve Kelly is on the lounge chair, my brother Dennis Kelly, me Laurie Kelly Blackwell, my sister Sherrie Kelly Hollingsworth are sitting and the pool and my mother Helen Kelly is in a lounge chair opposite us. I am no 60 years old and am the youngest of all. Look me up on facebook.


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