Ceres Plantation Update

Since we won’t be having a news roundup this week, I wanted to get this link out to those of you following the Ceres Plantation saga in Warren County. As you remember, the Warren County Port Commission owns the property as part of its large and somewhat vacant industrial park at the Flowers exit. After serving as a nursery for many years, the house and associated barns and other outbuildings are now vacant because the port commission wants the spot for maybe a gas station or some other thing that isn’t clear right now.

Anyway, as we noted in a recent news roundup, the port commission put out a request for proposals to move or demolish the house, but not the other buildings (which doesn’t make sense if you look at the landscape). Last week, I posted some photos after a visit to the site and noted that I thought regardless of the additions to the house, it still maintained its historic feeling, especially with the barns and setting. Today, the commission opened the three proposals, two of which proposed demolition, and one of which proposed leaving the house and all the buildings in place and developing it into a tourist experience. You can read the rest of the story at the Vicksburg Post.

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Categories: Demolition/Abandonment, Historic Preservation, Vicksburg

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  1. Nice shots of this orphan. I really like the Durant school, ur headliner shot. I have been unsuccessful n IDing “J.R.Taylor”. I concur with ur evaluation of green building materials and favor conservation as a rule. My indoor HVAC is set 2 run n the winter @ 68 F and 78 F n summer.


  2. We’ll have to start quizzing people about their A/C settings, kind of a new catechism :-)

    Thanks for your kind words about the Durant photo–I agree with W. White that it would probably pop a little more if the theme were darker, but for now, this is the theme I’ve settled on, so that’s that.

    I’ll keep my eye out for ol’ J.R. and I know you will too–somebody’s got know who he is!



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