Happy Thanksgiving (2009)

It’s Thanksgiving time again–time to enumerate just a few of things that make us thankful. So without further ado . . .

I’m thankful for the Delta, the Piney Woods, the Hills, and yes, even those crazy Natchezians who add spice to our lives.

I’m thankful for Columbus, Clarksdale, and Carrollton. For Pass Christian and Port Gibson. For Vicksburg and Vaiden. For Lexington and Laurel. And I’m proud to say I’m thankful for Jackson, even though it’s frequently condemned in the letters to the editor.

I’m thankful to still get a paper newspaper delivered to my door every morning so I can read the latest news while eating my healthy breakfast.

I’m thankful for Waverley, Riverview, Longwood, Betheden School, Bailey Junior High, the War Memorial Building, the Old Capitol, the New Capitol. The Charnley House, Beauvoir, St. Michael’s Catholic Church and its stained glass windows, Gulfport Library, the Gryder House. The King Edward Hotel, Beverly Drive-In Theater, Barnard Observatory, and Medgar Evers’ House. For Simpson County Courthouse.

I’m thankful for James Clark Harris, James Lull, E.L. Malvaney, N.W. Overstreet, Robert Overstreet and R.W. Naef and for the legacy of architecture they left in Mississippi.

I’m thankful for Dean Morris Alexander, Marcia Weaver, the heroic regular people who fought against all odds to save their historic homes on the Coast, and all you preservationists out there, quietly saving the places that are important to you and your communities.

I plan to spend this week with family and friend(s) instead of hanging out on the computer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. And a yummy Thanksgiving to you! (By the way, I’m thankful for ELMalvaney and his wonderful blog!)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


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