MissPres News Roundup 10-16-2009

After this week of almost constant rain, I suggest we pass a law allowing the whole country to stay home during such weeks. The rain is pleasant if you can stay home and lounge about, but tiresome when you have to get out in it every day and night. As part of that same law, I think late September through October should be required to be relatively dry and moving toward coolish.

Ok, now that that’s settled. . . .

The Greenwood Commonwealth  reported Monday, Oct 12, that the old Carnegie library downtown is in the middle of an exterior rehabilitation using money from a 2003 (!) Community Heritage Preservation Grant from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. They are applying for funds to continue the project on the interior in the new round of the CHPG program, whose deadline for applications was October 9. No word in the article on what the plans are for the building once it’s completed–it’s too bad the library moved out.

According to Thursday’s (Oct 15) article in the Memphis Commercial-Appeal the growing city of Hernando has received the much-coveted Preserve America designation from the National Park Service. As you may recall earlier in the year, Hernando made the New York Times in a story about its historic water tower, which has been designated a Mississippi Landmark. The Preserve America designation, created in 2003 as a special program of First Lady Laura Bush, recognizes communities that:

  • protect and celebrate their heritage;
  • use their historic assets for economic development and community revitalization; and
  • encourage people to experience and appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism programs
  • Certified Local Governments, which includes those cities that have passed a historic preservation ordinance and established a preservation commission to oversee designated properties, have an expedited process for becoming Preserve America communities, and from looking at the list of Mississippi communities, it looks like only CLG communities have been designated in Mississippi. Greenville also joins the list this year, and by my count that brings the number of PA communities in MS to 22.

    An article in this week’s Northside Sun  keeps us up to date on goings-on in the  Livingston-Mannsdale Preservation District in Madison County. You may recall the brouhaha back in the summer that grew out of complaints from a certain county supervisor that developers couldn’t do what they wanted in the preservation district–a large group of citizens showed up to support the district and none of the developers appeared to help out the supervisor and the matter died. The current article is about an unrelated matter, a proposed re-zoning from agricultural to commercial that may impact the district. It’s not clear in the article whether the preservation commission has any say in this matter as it is going to the Board of Supervisors, but according to the supervisor for the area, D.I. Smith, many residents in the district oppose the re-zoning. Stay tuned–the public hearing is Monday, Oct 19.

    Finally, this just in . . .

    Get out your Mississippi architecture and photographic history books, Fellow Preservationists! Next week, we’ll re-open the question, “Who is Mississippi’s most knowledgeable preservationist?” in our “Name This Place” contest. The very first winner back in June was tsj1957, and doakley grabbed top honors in the second contest in August. Who will win this time around? Each day, I’ll post a photo at 11 AM CDT sharp, the first person to correctly name the place gets a point and any extra information after that gets a second point. Once a place has been named, other contestants still can earn a point by adding accurate pieces of information about the building and its history. Whoever has the most points come Friday wins the grand prize. Check in Monday at 11 AM and get ready to rumble!

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