MDAH Community Heritage Preservation Grant Program

Franklin Academy Elementary School, Columbus, MS (CHPG grant 2001, 2003)

Franklin Academy Elementary School, Columbus, MS (CHPG grant 2001, 2003)

Ol’ “Eagle Eyes” Malvaney caught this exciting announcement on MDAH’s website yesterday, which not coincidentally was the first day of the state’s fiscal year:

$2M Available for Preservation Projects Statewide

The 2009 Legislature has authorized the seventh round of the Community Heritage Preservation Grant Program, making available $2 million in grants for preservation projects across the state. Applications are available now through the Department of Archives and History’s Historic Preservation Division and may be downloaded here. Grant applications will be accepted through October 9, 2009.

The Community Heritage Preservation Grant program helps preserve, restore, rehabilitate, and interpret historic courthouses and schools. In Certified Local Government (CLG) communities grant funds may also be used for projects involving public and private, nonprofit-owned historic buildings other than courthouses or schools. All buildings must have been designated Mississippi Landmarks prior to application to be eligible for the grants.

Only county or municipal governments, school districts, and nonprofit organizations granted Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS may submit applications. Those applications shall be in accordance with the provisions of grant procedures, criteria, and standards developed and publicized by MDAH. After evaluation by department staff, all complete applications will be presented to the MDAH Board of Trustees at a special meeting in December.

The grant awards will be paid to the grantee on a reimbursable basis upon the successful completion of the entire project. Applicants receiving grant awards should be prepared to cover all project costs before receiving reimbursements. A cash match of at least 20 percent must be provided. All grant projects MUST be completed by December 1, 2012.

There are fifty-three CLG communities in Mississippi. Click here to learn more about the CLG program.

Download the CHPG application package here.

For more information, contact Mingo Tingle, MDAH Historic Preservation Division, by email or at 601-576-6952. 

And now . . .

Prepare yourself for an amazing show of my gumshoe reportorial skills . . .

Through many not-necessarily-nefarious means, I have put together a list of all the projects that have gotten CHPG grants since the very first round in 2001. Yes, every project, listed out here for your viewing pleasure in a simple pdf format that you can print out and sit quietly and read while sipping tea. Be amazed!

Walthall County Courthouse, Tylertown (CHPG grantee 2006)

Walthall County Courthouse, Tylertown (CHPG grantee 2006)

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5 replies

  1. Does Mississippi Landmarks mean National Register of Historic Places listings?


    • No, they’re two different things. National Register listing is a National Park Service program and is mainly honorary (along with eligibility for tax credits), but Mississippi Landmark designation is a state program through MDAH that gives MDAH authority to designate public buildings around the state and require that any alterations to those designated buildings be reviewed and permitted by MDAH. Private property owners can request that their building be designated a Mississippi Landmark but they have to understand it will be place some restrictions on the property.


  2. Where can the grant application be found now?



  1. MDAH Announces CHP Grants « Preservation in Mississippi

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