Testing for Tour Guides

I heard this segment on NPR’s Marketplace the other day about an effort in Philadelphia (PA) to require tour guides in the historic areas to take a test and be licensed or face a $300 fine for doing tours. Tour guides are trying to pull the old “we have the right to free speech” argument, which is so, like, 18th century. They also mentioned that Washington, DC, and New Orleans already have licensing requirements for their guides: guess that nixes my plan to earn a little extra money in the French Quarter on the weekends, or at least that particular plan.

If I had to make up a quick and easy test for tour guides to take here in Mississippi, it would look like this:

Dear Prospective Tour Guides,

This test has only one question. Get it wrong, and you are in no way fit to be a host or hostess in the Magnolia State. Get it right and congrats, you’re in! Can you work Fridays 3-5?

1.  Back in olden days, a window with jib doors was taxed because it was considered a ___________
    A.  Window
    B.  Door
    C.  Closet
    D.  Petticoat
    E.  All of the above

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2 replies

  1. This is a trick question, right? You didn’t post the answer key. How will I ever know if I am qualified. I have actually worn a hoop skirt to give a tour of a historic house, so I think I should be grandfathered in.


    • If you’re a man, you get grandfathered in for wearing a hoop skirt, but a woman? Phffsh! Women should all be wearing hoop skirts all the time–how else to be proper little Southern Belles? So, if you don’t know the answer, and you’re not a hoop-skirt-wearing man, then I guess you’re not qualified–go back to tour guide school and learn the answer little lady!


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