Wilkinson County Courthouse, Woodville

Wilkinson County Courthouse, Woodville – (1903-04, 1973) J. R. Gordon designed the Wilkinson County Courthouse, which was constructed over a short, less-than two year period beginning in February 1903. J. R. Gordon was a courthouse designer extraordinaire, and the Wilkinson County Courthouse is an example of this. The Wilkinson County Courthouse is the only Beaux Arts courthouse constructed in southwest Mississippi. According to the Woodville Historic District National Register nomination form (the Wilkinson County Courthouse is not listed separately on the National Register), the Wilkinson County Courthouse is a “[t]wo-story masonry structure, all stretcher brick veneer, Greek cross plan with corner entrances. Dome on octagonal drum topped by an open peristyle. Composite pilasters with limestone trim articulate pedimented pavilions. Interior rotunda with two balconies, tile floor inlayed with county seal. Two-story chancery and jail added 1973.” To demonstrate the historic nature of Woodville, the Wilkinson County Courthouse is still occasionally referred to as the “new” Wilkinson County Courthouse, as it replaced the Federal style 1829 “old” Wilkinson County Courthouse. However, this “new” Wilkinson County Courthouse has anchored the Woodville town square for over 105 years.

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