Christ Church, Church Hill

Christ Church, Episcopal, Church Hill, Jefferson County – (1857-58) (National Register). Christ Church is the “cradle of Episcopacy in Mississippi” as the congregation built the first Christ Church on Church Hill around 1820. The current Christ Church is the third Christ Church on Church Hill. Obscure Natchez architect/lawyer J. Edward Smith designed Christ Church with N. L. Carpenter constructing the church in 1857 and 1858. Smith designed perhaps the purest expression of Gothic Revival architecture in antebellum Mississippi. The National Register nomination form states, “Christ Church is one of the few Gothic Revival buildings in the state having a functional hammer-beam roof. This late-medieval construction form is also ‘honestly’ expressed on the exterior. Christ Church is built of brick, stuccoed and scored to imitate ashlar masonry…The integrity of the original structure and decorative fabric of Christ Church is remarkable…Pews, chairs, and the marble font are also original furnishings. Although inoperative for many years, the original pipe organ, reported to be of Scottish manufacture, remains in place. Alterations to the exterior structure have been limited to the removal of the paired chimneys, which served an original furnace below the nave, and the disappearance of all corbels from which the drip stones and hammer-beam representations sprang.”

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  1. My relatives owned the land by Christ Church in Churchill Miss. they defended the church during the civil war. I visited the church not long after the church had a historical book compiled. Many of my family names and dates were in the book, but there were no more copies for sale. My husband and I will be back in the area this summer. Is there a way I might get the historical transcripts of the church history.


  2. I am still trying to get a copy of the churches historical book in honor of the churches anniversary. Many of my families names and births.deaths are in the book. I was told the church was built on the Fulton family land. Please let me know if I could obtain a copy of the church history


  3. I have a copy that could be copied if anyone interested
    I was the owner of Lagonia Plantation in Church Hill


  4. I will see how much to get copied and postage and will let you know

    it’s a large book..soft cover … prob 8/10/2″


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