Nominate Mississippi’s Most Endangered Historic Places and Show Off Your Photography Skills

From our friends at the Mississippi Heritage Trust . . .




– Morris Ice Company, Commerce Street, Jackson –

Since the first list of Mississippi’s 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi was published in 1999, the Mississippi Heritage Trust has shined a much-needed spotlight on 110 threatened historic places around the state. There have been some great victories, as well as crushing losses, while a number of communities are still working to find the resources and support to save their treasured churches, bridges, houses and schools.

This year, the Mississippi Heritage Trust will announce the 12th list of the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi on Thursday, October 24 at the Morris Ice Company on Commerce Street, Jackson.

Please visit our site to nominate a threatened historic place in your community for 2019.

The deadline for nominations is July 15th.


Calling all Building-Hugging Shutterbugs

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi Program, the Mississippi Heritage Trust is partnering with Due South Co-op to host a photography exhibition that captures the beauty, mystery and promise of Mississippi’s fragile architectural legacy.


  • Photographers are invited to submit up to 10 images of places listed as one of Mississippi’s 10 Most Endangered Historic Places since 1999.  A list of these 110 sites can be found here. For a more in-depth look, you can found out more about them on our site under Past Lists.

  • The entry fee is $30 per submission, with proceeds going to help the Mississippi Heritage Trust in its work to save and renew places meaningful to Mississippians and their history.

  • Due South Co-op, a collaboration between photographers Ashleigh Coleman, David McCarty, Ellen Rodgers, Ryan Steed and Katie Steed, will curate an exhibition from submitted images that will be displayed at the announcement of the 2019 list of the 10 Most Endangered Places in Mississippi, to be held on Thursday, October 24th at the Morris Ice Company in Jackson.

  • Photographers whose work is selected will be honored guests at the announcement event.

  • The selected works will be auctioned during the announcement event.  Photographers will receive 30% of the proceeds from the sale of their work.

  • A digital exhibition will be shared on following the announcement event.

So, pick up your camera and help commemorate twenty years of fighting for the places that tell the story of Mississippi.

The deadline for submissions is August 20th.


To show your support for preservation by becoming a sponsor for the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi, please call the Mississippi Heritage Trust at 601-354-0200 or email  |

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  1. Greyhound Station, Clarksdale— immediately! It is my understanding that City somehow got permits to renovate for a Chicken Wings place. Lease is $1.00 a year.


  2. The form says the deadline for submissions is June 30. “The deadline for nominations is June 30th.”


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