Memorial Day 2019

Walk through the somber courtyard of the War Memorial Building next door to the Old Capitol in Jackson and you’ll see three sets of aluminum doors.

Get even closer, and you see that above the doors are depictions of some of the great battles in American history (up to the Civil War).



And even closer, you will notice that the doors are decorated with bas reliefs of implements of war through the millennia of human history. Like the limestone bas reliefs in front of the building, the doors are the work of New Orleans sculptor Albert George Rieker (1890-1959).

Memorial Day posts of time past . . .

Categories: Architectural Research, Cool Old Places, Jackson, New Deal


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  1. this is a fine bldg–and, stands ‘on its own’, but works well with the old capital, especially now that the old capitol is ‘back to stone’! thanks for this!


  2. I would have expected at least one statue of a dead soldier lying in repose. That of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnson in Austin by German sculptress Elizabet Ney comes to mind. She was a graduate of the same Munich school of sculpture which produced Fritz Behn…noted sculptor of the missing Theodore Bilbo Bronze that once graced the halls of the Mississippi Capitol Building.


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