Name This Place 13.5.4

This is the final post of the competition. You have until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to be eligible to receive points for answers about today’s four posts. At that time, the results will be posted and the Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire will be crowned. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated. Now, for the last time in this competition, Name This Place:

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  1. Former Neshoba County Jail (Or Philadelphia jail). In downtown Philadelphia.


    • One point for the identification.


    • Wow..unbelievable! So that’s the place…so inexorably tied to the turbulent 60’s! Thought it would’ve been razed decades ago. Side note..I always thought , contrary to Don McLean’s explanation of the meanings to his anthem “American Pie”, that the line “good ole boys drinking whiskey and rye” referred to newspaper accts. of that town’s deputies, and “chevy to the ‘LEVEE’, levee being where the bodies were buried. I am so positive his song was about political events, not mere musicians.


  2. Old city jail. Philadelphia, Neshoba county


  3. 1954 construction, by B. L. Howell & Sons Construction.


  4. The structure is privately owned (at least was last time I checked) and has been renovated to house apartments.


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