Mid-Century Mississippi: Jackson’s Hawkins Field in 1941

Revised Plans Completed for Additions to City Airport Administration Building; Realtors Report Increased Rental Demands

Release of revised plans to start work soon on a $12,500 addition to the administration airport building at Hawkins Field and current reports in real estate circles of an increased demans for rental housing facilities highlighted activity in the week’s news.

Influx of new residents to Jackson for preliminary work on the base in Madison County and arrival of additional officers and their families assigned to the Jackson Air Base were given as the reasons for the increased demands for residential rental space.

Local realtors reported unusual heavy activity in requests for furnished apartments, rooms and houses.

City Building Inspector J.H. Martin released plans for the construction of an east and west wing that will double the floor space of the administration building at the airport following approval of the mayor and commissioners.

All bids were rejected two weeks ago and the city engineering department headed by J.J. Halbert, public works director, revised the plans, following the Colonial style type of architecture.

It was reported additional space that will be provided by the additions and renovations has already been contracted with the two airlines taking separate office headquarters and a large restauranteur using the quarters for a cafe.

The lobby will be completely remodeled to furnish larger facilities for the traveling public. With the size of the administration building and the landing field and runways also doubled Jackson will have one of the outstanding air fields in the south.

Clarion-Ledger, August 17, 1941

The terminal at Hawkins Field was designed by the Jackson firm of Hull & Drummond and built with WPA funding in 1936. It was designated a Mississippi Landmark in 1987. Hawkins Field is still an active general aviation airport, but the terminal, with its “Colonial” side facing the city and its Art Deco side facing the flying public, has been vacant for a few decades now, although here have been sporadic stabilization efforts over the years that have kept it standing (Suzassippi noted the most recent repair/rehab work in her 2015 post).

Proposed restoration of Hawkins Field Terminal Building, 2015

See more pictures here: https://www.apps.mdah.ms.gov/Public/prop.aspx?id=13664&view=facts&y=728

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  1. I am clearly overworked here–for a minute as I was reading, I thought a major break-through had slipped under the wire and there was action on the restoration. I need a vacation more than I thought!


  2. No unfortunately, we’re in yet another period of inactivity with the terminal. Not sure why. Just came across this article and thought it might could give the project a little boost.

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  3. This is awesome. I have fond memories of this airport (and Jackson in the 1960’s) for numerous reasons. The plant in Madison County mentioned is the Ordnance Plant built just north of Flora. The folks behind the ridiculous airport study in Madison County should have looked at acquiring/restoring Hawkins Field. If Jackson can own an airport in Rankin County, there’s no reason Madison County can’t own one in Hinds County.


  4. Call me wind because I am abuetsloly blown away.


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