Friday Film: New Capitol’s New North Terrace (and Vermont marble floor)

You have to click through to the video, but it’s worth a look at the just completed North Terrace renovation and for the story of how they found the original marble quarry.

Can’t get enough of the New Capitol?

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  1. As anyone who’s ever been interviewed for a news story knows, some post-story clarification is often necessary. In this case, the flooring material installed in the North Entrance Lobby in the 1980s was not slate, as Walt said, but quarry tile. For those unfamiliar with the pre-renovation Lobby or with the material, it is a hard, durable, fired clay tile often installed in utilitarian spaces like commercial kitchens. It is the same flooring material installed on the Terrace above the Lobby and in the Capitol Cafe under the monumental stairs leading to the building’s main entrance.

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  2. Any chance they will fund the next phase of restoration in this year’s Bond Bill? I hear the House Chamber Dome is structurally compromised. If it collapses before then, guess it would have to be a Senate Bill?


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