SAH Archipedia Now Includes Mississippi Entries

Last year in the post titled What is an Archipedia? we learned that the Society of Architectural Historians was expanding their online database, called Archipedia, to include content from all 50 states.  In July they followed through with the first of their entries for Mississippi.  Fifteen Mississippi places in total have been added so far.  You might be surprised which buildings they chose to include first.  If I understand correctly the site’s goal is to include one hundred entries for each state.  Here’s looking forward to the next eighty-five entries for Mississippi!

Screen capture of Mississippi Archipedia Page

Categories: Architectural Research, Historic Preservation, Mississippi Towns, Preservation Education


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  1. Surprised on some, not on others, but still, a cool Friday morning read that is not about a disaster.

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  2. Hope they include the LaPointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula – the oldest documented standing home in the Mississippi Valley – 1757!

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