What is an Archipedia?

If you follow MissPres on Twitter at @PreservationMS or if you read the twitter feed on the right hand side of the Misspreservation.com front page this next bit of news might come as no surprise.  In May, the Society of Architectural Historians announced that they had received an NEH grant to expand their online database, called Archipedia.  Archipedia is a collaborative online database for buildings that has its roots in the SAH Buildings of the United States book series.  You can search the online collection by State (location), Material, Style, Century, Architect, or Type.  Additionally you can search by “Geosearch,” essentially what buildings on the list are near you, or a zip code you provide.  On its front page Archipedia describes itself as “A carefully selected subset from an authoritative online encyclopedia of the built world, containing histories, photographs, and maps for more than 2100 structures in 767 cities and 22 states.”

Archipedia screen capture 6-6-16

Knowing that an SAH Buildings of the United States book is due out soon for Mississippi, thanks to the tireless efforts of Jennifer Baughn and Michael Fazio, I thought it would be worth letting SAH know how much I am looking forward to the Mississippi entries into Archipedia.

Not too much later I received a response that yes indeed Mississippi buildings will soon be joining the Archipedia ranks this fall.

So far in 2016, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Wyoming all have had entries added to Archipedia.  It will be interesting to see what Mississippi buildings SAH will add to the database, and how they relate to other buildings already listed on Archipedia.  Fair warning, a dip into Archipedia can be a trip down a wikihole!

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