MissPres News Roundup 8-30-2017

Let’s jump right into this week’s roundup.

This last Monday, a car did significant damage to a historic church in the Silver Creek community of Lawrence County.  The Silver Creek Baptist Church, built in 1899, was struck in the southeast corner. For the fourth time this year we are reporting about a vehicle hitting a historic place.  Slow down out there, people!  Maybe this will provide an opportunity for the congregation to remove the vinyl siding from the church as part of the restoration work that will need to take place.



In Meridian, it is reported that the Threefoot Building’s rehabilitation is still on track to be completed by next fall


Also from Meridian, an architect has been selected for the Lauderdale County Courthouse, but the County is not sure what exactly they want the outcome of the project to be.


former Fleckstein-Coccaro grocery. Image from Vicksburg Post.

In Vicksburg, a two-day celebration is being planned to celebrate the restoration of the former Fleckstein-Coccaro grocery building located at 1501 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.  The festivities are expected to begin on Sept. 30. Speakers will include Walt Grayson and historian Dr. George W. McDaniel, the retired director of Drayton Hall in Charleston, S.C.  Congratulations to those involved with the restoration!


The Markham Hotel. Gulfport Harrison County

Down in Gulfport, the Markham building and the former VA Hospital finally get estimated rehabilitation start dates.  The Markham, now associated with the Hyatt hotel chain, has an estimated start date of 2018.  The former VA, which will become a mixed use complex, has a start date of fall 2017.



The National Trust for Historic Preservation tweeted out the same Sun Herald story with the comment that “the has been vital to post-Katrina reconstruction in Miss.”

Horn Lake‘s Circle G Ranch has another article out this week about the ongoing efforts there.


At Lakeport Plantation in Lake Village, AR this Thursday, August 31 there will be a presentation on the evolution of the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum at Delta State University.


If you know of any preservation-related news items not mentioned, or if you have more information about a story above please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. A car also ran into the Polk House in Hattiesburg. Looks like some pretty serious damage to me. Unfortunately, I have seen a news article about it, only these photos on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/hattiesburgfirewire/posts/957176984429803


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