Port Gibson’s Wintergreen Cemetery damaged

Port Gibson’s Wintergreen Cemetery, an oasis of cedar trees dripping with Spanish moss amongst evocative grave markers and beautiful iron fences, suffered damge in the strong storms that passed through the state on Sunday, according to a post on the Port Gibson Heritage Trust’s Facebook page, dated May 22. Photos show at least one of those distinctive cedar trees down, and an iron fence damaged. The Trust, which sponsors the annual Whispers in the Cedars to highlight people and events in Port Gibson’s history, is asking for volunteers to help clean up. If you’re in the neighborhood and have some time and some work gloves, or have some time to get to the neighborhood, contact the Trust and see how you can help. Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to clean up one of our state’s historic cemeteries.

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  1. sorry to hear about this damage– although when i read the ‘headline’, i was fearful of vandalism—- glad it wasn’t that…. mother nature, well, out of our control, huh? certainly one of mississippi’s ‘nicest’ old cemetaries…. were i down south, i come over and do volunteer clean-up work….. i hope there are volunteers available closer…


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