MissPres Around The World

The MissPres website logs some interesting website stats for us including this map below.

The red color of the United States of America means that is where a majority of the visitors to the site come from. Yellow means we’ve had at least one visitor from that country, and grey means no visitors.  You’ll note we’ve had visitors from Cuba, Iran, and even North Korea.  Far off places such as Madagascar, India and Fiji have visited. Mississippians should be proud of what this map represents, that folks from all around the world are interested in the historic preservation efforts going on in our state.  Think about that! The preservation efforts in your little corner of the world is garnering international interest.  Even though the best preservation efforts are local, the wider world can benefit.

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Since we’ve had visitors from so many countries it is easier to list the 14 nations of the world that we haven’t had a visit from.  Some of these places are war-torn and very remote, but if you’ve got a pen pal in one of these places, drop them a line and ask them to visit http://www.misspreservation.com.  Burkina Faso in Africa appears to be the most populated county we’ve yet to have a visitor from, while Svalbard in the Arctic Circle appears to be the least populated.  Are there any Mississippi places that are named after these countries?

Burkina Faso: Population 18.11 million (2015)

Chad: Population  14.04 million (2015)

Eritrea: Population  4.79 million (2011)

Falkland Islands: Population 2,840 (2012)

Gabon: Population  1.725 million (2015)

Greenland: Population 56,114 (2015)

Guinea: Population  12.61 million (2015)

Guinea-Bissau: Population 1.844 million (2015)

Kosovo: Population 1.797 million (2015)

Kyrgyzstan: Population  5.957 million (2015)

Republic of the Congo: Population 4.62 million (2015)

Svalbard: Population 2,642 (2012)

Tajikistan: Population 8.482 million (2015)

Western Sahara: Population 513,000 (2009)

If you’re an international reader, subscriber, etc. to http://www.misspreservation.com let us know.  We Mississippians would love to hear what you find interesting about the Magnolia State.

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