Two Restoration Projects Out for Bids

Durant Depot, c.1910 postcard

Durant Depot, c.1910 postcard

We had some good news come to the MissPres inbox this week.  From the Durant Historic Preservation Commission members, of Durant in Holmes County, Mississippi.  They are happy to announce that they have qualified for the Authority To Advertise For Bids with MDOT and Federal Highway Funds on the Durant Depot North Building Renovation Project. The City of Durant has two other partners, the MDAH and the Miss. Development Authority, and all their Holmes County supporters are very ready to move forward with construction. We are happy to share this information as perhaps it might help to attract the notice of an interested & talented contractor. Legal advertisements will run in the Clarion Ledger Feb. 9 and Feb. 16, as required by state law.  Here is the  link to the Clarion Ledger notice. 

Way back in 2013 we reported that MDAH had awarded a grant of $2,000 to “repair and paint twelve windows in waiting room of the Durant Depot, North Building.”  As you’ll note from the before and after photos above, those funds went a long way to make the building look shipshape.  For some additional background on the depot project you can read this 2013 guest post from Durant Historic Preservation Commission Chair Sharron Cauthen. This restoration has been a long process, and I’m sure those involved and those who will benefit will find the outcome rewarding.  We certainly send out best regards to the citizens of Durant and wish them the best of luck on receiving their bids.

Additional information was shared concerning the fact that the City of Vicksburg is also advertising for contract work on the Y&MV Depot Renovation’s next phase.  This work will include exterior restoration that includes, but is not limited to painting, window restoration, cupola restoration, masonry restoration work, ADA entry upgrades, elevator upgrade, and limited interior finish work including plaster and wood trim repairs and painting.   According to architect Belinda Stewart’s website a pre-bid meeting concerning Stabilization & Restoration work to the depot is scheduled for Monday February 13, 2017 with bids being due on March 6, 2017.

I know we all look forward to the completion of these projects and hope those involved will keep us up to date.

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  1. Great to know that this important project is moving forward.

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