McAfee Repair Shop and the Farish Street Garage


The block of storefronts along 744-752 N. Farish Street was built c. 1928 (Cramer, 1979).  According to the nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places, the one-story, stepped parapet roofline with patterned brickwork in the frieze and cornice contains the original storefront windows.

In 1930, 748 N. Farish was the McAfee Repair Shop.  Jasper McAfee was identified as the manager and auto mechanic where one could expect “honest and reliable work.”  Mr. McAfee ran regular ads for the General Auto Repairing, Vulcanizing Tires and Tube in the Clarion-Ledger throughout 1930.

By 1944, the Farish Street Garage was located at 748 1/2 N. Farish (Clarion-Ledger, November 23, 1944, p. 14). Victor Green’s Travel Guide listed the Farish Street Garage from 1947-1951 at 748 1/2, and 1952-1955 at 752.  In 1951, J. R. Payne, Jr. established the Payne Bus Lines, also listed at 752.  Payne Bus Lines operated until a court ruling in 1954 forced their closure due to not having a city charter to run the bus line in competition with the line chartered by Jackson (Clarion-Ledger, February 23, 1954, p. 7).  Payne Bus Lines ran 2 parallel routes to the City line.  In 1956, 748 was the Harrison’s Deluxe Cafe (Clarion-Ledger, January 26, 1956, p. 15).

Just think, you could drop off your car for repair, have breakfast at Harrison’s, and catch the bus to work.  Now, that is a neighborhood.

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