Friday Film(s): Two Natchez Architects

Last week’s post about the Natchez Cemetery Shelter House by architect Samuel Marx brought a comment from Kathleen Bond that gave us a link to a recent Natchez History Minute video about the celebrated furniture designer and architect, who spent most of his career in Chicago after growing up in Natchez. Here’s that video for your Friday viewing pleasure.

That video references the free-standing stair at one of my favorite Mississippi buildings, Auburn (1812), by Levi Weeks, who grew up in New England but spent his career in Natchez, not necessarily by choice. Here’s the Natchez History Minute devoted to this fascinating character who brought big ol’ white columns to Mississippi for the first time.

To celebrate the tricentennial of Natchez in 2016, the Natchez National Historical Park has produced a daily video every day of this year about an interesting event or person in Natchez history. Read more about the behind-the-scenes work that has produced this astounding library in the Natchez Democrat, and view all the videos on the NNHP YouTube channel.

Categories: Historic Preservation, Natchez, National Park Service


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