Fire Destroys Hazlehurst’s I.N. Ellis House

Fire has completely destroyed Hazlehurst’s I.N. Ellis House, a Queen Anne-style George Barber design built in 1891, according to a story on MSNewsNow (WLBT). Highlighted in Thomas Rosell’s post about George Barber’s mail-order houses, this was perhaps the most architecturally distinguished house on Hazlehurst’s premier residential street, S. Extension Street. The building was listed on the National Register both individually and as part of the Hazlehurst Historic District, and you can find more about it on the MDAH Historic Resources Database.

I’ll leave the horrible pictures to MSNewsNow and just show the before pictures as a memorial to the beautiful Ellis House.

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3 replies

  1. Driving past this beautiful home was always the highlight of my trips from Brookhaven back to Smith County.
    Another “Lost Mansion of MIssissippi”!


  2. Dear Mr. Malvaney; I just received notice that the Mississippi Historical Society will meet in the Edwards Hotel in down town jackson. Have we had a blog on this subject. Sam P


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