National Register 2015: Individual Listings

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is traditionally a week of lists, allowing us to look back on important preservation accomplishments of the year and important losses to Mississippi’s historic landscape. Today and tomorrow, we’ll document the new National Register listings for the year. We had thirteen new listings this year: five individual properties and eight historic districts. The individual properties span a great variety, from a Confederate Redoubt to a Modernist department store, and include three man-made landscapes. Last year, we had nineteen National Register listings, while in 2013, we had only nine, so this year, we’re about in the middle.

As in previous years, thanks to Bill Gatlin and Eric Reisman, architectural historians with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History for these National Register summaries.



Wesson Presbyterian Church, Wesson, Copiah CountyWesson Presbyterian

Located in downtown Wesson at the corner of East Railroad Avenue and Collier Street, Wesson Presbyterian Church is a one-story T-shaped Gothic Revival building composed of wood lapped siding with a beaded bottom edge and a gable roof. Buttresses are on the corners of the buildings, periodically positioned along the sides and also along the rear annex addition. The front facade is centrally pierced with a slightly projecting, buttressed, square tower with hipped roof and octagonal spire. The front of the tower contains one large centrally located arched wood window. The roof is finished with composite shingles and the foundation is made of brick with some concrete. The arched wood window frames are original. The interior of the church has had few alterations since being built in 1877. Tricia Nelson, preservation consultant, wrote the nomination. The church was listed on January 14, 2015.

The nomination can be viewed here:


(New) Canton Cemetery, Canton, Madison County

Canton CemeteryThe (New) Canton Cemetery was established by the City of Canton in 1853 because of overcrowding in the town’s original cemetery on Fulton Street, and is one of over 180 cemeteries in Madison County. It is locally significant within the theme of Art. Images that became popular expressions of grief and mourning throughout the country during the last half of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century are found in this locally significant cemetery. By studying tombstones it is possible to read in broad terms the great shifts in cultural values that have “occurred over the course of time by closely examining the changing nature of these carved, sculpted, and engraved images.” Nancy Bell, Executive Director of the Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation, wrote the nomination. The cemetery was listed on January 15, 2015.

The nomination can be viewed here:


Columbia Country Club, Columbia, Marion County 

Columbia Country ClubThe Columbia Country Club is significant on a statewide basis under Criterion A in the area of entertainment and recreation for its role as Columbia’s primary sports facility in the early to mid- 20th century and one of its primary social hubs. Constructed in 1923 during the “golden age of sport” in America, the course is representative of the type of golf facilities that became popular in Mississippi between World War I and the Depression. The course was developed by Hugh Lawson White (1881-1965), Columbia’s most prominent business leader at the time who became Governor of Mississippi during his ownership of the property. It is also significant under criterion C in the area of landscape architecture as a relatively rare Mississippi example of an early 20th century golf course that made use of its natural setting and that continues to reflect its overall historic design and character. The course was designed by George Edward Ensminger (1889-1951), a native of Buffalo, New York, who rose to statewide prominence in Mississippi as a golf professional and golf course designer between 1911 and the start of the Depression. David Schneider, preservation consultant, wrote the nomination. The country club was listed on January 14, 2015.

The nomination can be viewed here:


McRae’s at Meadowbrook Mart, Jackson, Hinds County

Meadowbrook McRaesMcRae’s department store at Meadowbrook Mart is locally significant the area of Commerce as Jackson’s first example of a full-service department store in a suburban context. The building occupies the eastern portion of a contiguous block of one-story stores, which was part of the automobile-dependent commercial development that transformed much of North State Street (U. S. Highway 51), beginning in the 1930s and accelerating after World War II. The McRae’s store illustrates the local evolution from the downtown department store to the suburban branch store to  the full-service store in a suburban context, the latter being the final step before the construction of a full-blown shopping mall with multiple anchors stores. Dr. Michael Fazio, architectural historian, wrote the nomination. The building was listed on January 14, 2015.

The nomination can be viewed here:


Grenada Confederate Redoubt, Grenada, Grenada County 

Grenada Confederate RedoubtThe Grenada Confederate Redoubt is a triangular earthwork that lies on the crest of a wooded steep-sided knoll that overlooks Springhill Road as it descends from the uplands toward the valley of the Yalobusha River. It is a well-preserved Confederate redoubt built during the early stages of the Vicksburg Campaign. It is considered to be significant through its association with the Vicksburg Campaign, considered by many historians to be the most important campaign of the Civil War. While many such defense works were built in Mississippi during the Civil War, as a result of erosion, cultivation, and development, only a small fraction of these earthen fortifications survive. Jack D. Elliott, Jr., retired MDAH historian, and Jim Woodrick, MDAH Historic Preservation Director, wrote the nomination. The redoubt was listed on May 29, 2015.

The nomination can be viewed here:

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