Mississippi Modern Exhibit

If you find yourself in or near downtown Jackson, be sure to swing by the Old Capitol Museum, where “Mississippi Modern,” a photographic exhibit of Modernist buildings around the state, is on display from July 14 through November 15, 2015. The photos were taken by students and graduates of MSU’s School of Architecture to highlight Mississppi’s Modernist landmarks and encourage their preservation.

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  1. Thanks for posting. So excited to go – TODAY!


  2. I live out of state but would love to know what buildings and/or architects are highlighted?


    • The photo shown is Bailey Junior High School (aka Bailey Magnet School/Bailey Middle School). The architect was NW Overstreet and AH Town, constructed 1936-1937 through the Public Works Administration.


    • It has been a while since I saw the exhibit, but I recall that Chris Risher’s Vise Clinic in Meridian and Robert Overstreet’s Kolbs Cleaners in Jackson are featured. MHT does have a list of buildings featured in the exhibit here…. http://www.lovemsmod.com/msu-mod/


      • The MHT list contains more buildings than are in the exhibit, which has twelve featured buildings. Here is the MHT list, with asterisks next to the ones in the exhibit:

        Child House
        Jax-Lite House
        Wilson House
        ** Bailey Magnet High School
        Renner Hall and A. A. Branch Hall
        ** Saint Richard’s Catholic Church
        ** Gertrude C. Ford Complex
        ** Naval Reserve Building
        ** Greyhound Bus Station
        ** Kolb’s Cleaners
        Jackson Police Department
        Columbia High School
        John A. People’s Building
        Christ Community Church
        ** Carrier Chapel
        Crestwood School
        ** Vise Clinic
        ** Meridian Police Department
        ** Durant School
        Trustmark Bank Building
        Jackson Municipal Library
        ** Falk House
        ** L. Zenobia Coleman Library


  3. Unfortunately, the Museum was closed by the time I got there Friday. :(


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