Vacation Postcards: Stradivari Court, Natchez

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.


STRADIVARI COURT, U.S. Highway 84 and 61 North, Natchez, Mississippi. Telephone 7441. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker, Owners. Simmons Mattresses and Telephone Service in every room. Year Round Air Conditioning and Vented Heat. Color Photo by Woody Ogden. Pub. by Ogden Photo & Engraving Co., Rt. 1, Box 391, Natchez, Miss.

Categories: Hotels, Natchez


3 replies

  1. I wonder what became of that sign?


  2. Great sign! One of the Walkers must have played the violin?


  3. No not likely that the Walkers played the violin, because it was there long, long before my grandparents, Harold and Zollie Hawkins, sold the motel to the Walkers. I spent many many summers in the 1950’s and 60’s living here and working with my Grandpa Pops Hawkins, helping the maids clean room’s and helping him plant and tend to his vast garden at the back of the property. Very fond memories of this very very nostalgic slice of Americana. Jerry Hawkins , Tulsa , OK.


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