Mississippi by Air: Wood College, Mathiston

WOOD JUNIOR COLLEGE, MATHISTON, MISSISSIPPI 39752. Aerial View. Founded 1886--United Methodist Related--Southern Association Accreditation--Friendly Atmosphere--Individualized Attention--Low Student/Teacher Ration--400 Rural Acres.

WOOD JUNIOR COLLEGE, MATHISTON, MISSISSIPPI 39752. Aerial View. Founded 1886–United Methodist Related–Southern Association Accreditation–Friendly Atmosphere–Individualized Attention–Low Student/Teacher Ration–400 Rural Acres.

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  1. What is happening with Wood College these days? I know it was on the 2009 Most Endangered List and is/was owned by Golden Triangle Regional Planning and Development but is the campus still rotting away or has anything happened to the campus in the last five years?


    • The tornado that completely destroyed Smithville in 2011 also completely destroyed the campus of East Webster School in Cumberland, MS. The school used Wood Jr. as their campus for a couple of years until the new school was completed. They even had tee shirts made up that said “East Webster College.” That’s the last thing I knew of that it was used for.


    • Holmes Community College just started classes there January 2016


  2. Does anyone known when it 2003 the school closed? (I would really like to know the month that Wood College closed.)


  3. My grandmother attended Wood College and so did I. We had classes in the building but it was about 60 years a part. I toot part of COS for United Methodist Church there.


  4. My dad, James M. Pierce, was the farm manager at Wood from 1953–1958, and my family lived in Barnhill House on the hill near the college barn, across the road from the campus. My siblings were Agnes, James Lee ( Bunky), and Ed Pierce. When Wood closed its agriculture department in 1958, the Ag teacher, Gene Strickland, moved away and so did our family, except for Agnes who remained on campus and graduated a few months later. It was a sad departure for us because we loved Wood and Mathiston. Our family agrees that our 5 years at Wood College were among the happiest of our lives. Its image remains clear in our memories. Annie Loys Pierce Eairheart


  5. My great-great grandfather J.C. Eckles cofounded it. (I believe there was a hall named Eckles Hall after him). His photo was on the website when the college was still open)


  6. Is this property, (the college), still for sale, as of 30 October, 2020? I can’t find out from online sources.


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