Holly Springs’ Wrecking Ball this Saturday

I’m sorry for the late notice on this–I was supposed to post this last month. This annual event at Holly Springs’ historic Chalmers Institute is always a good time and helps preserve an important building. Tickets are $40 per person/$75 per couple, and you can buy them with a few easy clicks at the Preserve Marshall County and Holly Springs website.

Wrecking Ball 2014If you got time for one more dance…. meet me at the Wrecking Ball!!

An Event to Preserve Chalmers Institute, Mississippi’s Oldest Chartered University

September 20th, 2014

6 pm-10 pm

The grounds of Chalmers will come alive with a host of artists, authors, musicians and historians who have donated their appearances for the evening. The Ball will not only highlight regional cultural treasures, but also provide dinner and beverages and a silent auction featuring regional art!


* Chalmers Institute still stands at the same location (151 S. W. Boundary Rd.) as one of the city’s oldest buildings and as one of the state’s most endangered yet historically significant structures. Preserve Marshall County and Holly Springs, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, works toward the stabilization and renovation of Chalmers Institute as part of the mission to protect the historic resources and cultural legacy of the county and city.

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  1. Wrecking Ball is one of autumn’s highlights in North Mississippi, always full of terrific food, good music, unique auction items and, best
    of all, an update on the work at Chalmers Institute. If you’ve ever been that lone voice in a small town, doing your best to save something irreplaceable, you’ll be right at home and encouraged by the Wrecking Ball crew! Well worth the drive and the money!


  2. E. L. Malvaney, et al – Thank you for this push for The Wrecking Ball…these lonely voices in the hills are eternally grateful for the encouragement and kind words on behalf of what we are working to accomplish in the North Mississippi Hill Country! EVERYONE – Come to “The Wrecking Ball.”

    Chelius H. Carter, President


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