Update on MDAH Board Meeting

This is an update to last week’s “Dark Days” post:

According to several people present at the MDAH Board of Trustees meeting on Friday, the Board approved the demolition of Holtzclaw House at Hinds Community College’s Utica campus and the Ross Building in Meridian. As for the Eupora gymnasium, after a board discussion that was said to be “unserious,” “unfocused,” and “keystone cops,” the Board tabled the motion to de-designate the building and asked the Webster County Superintendent, who was present, to return in July with a demolition request rather than a de-designation request. This seems to be a mere procedural issue since the discussion, according to those present, jumped immediately to what would go on the site of the gym once it was demolished, and the one motion that was made before tabling was to grant the de-designation request. Only the board member from Natchez, Valencia Hall, asked a relevant question to the effect that if the building was significant enough to designate in 2006, why was it now even being considered for de-designation when nothing has changed?

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  1. Thank you Ms. Hall for having the presence of mind to ask questions that need asking. It sounds to me like the MDAH board could learn from your example.


  2. @elmalvaney–I have more info on the COFO demo, and I have a few questions for you. Would you contact me, at your convenience. Email is angiebarker@live.com and cell is 601-616-8767. Thanks for what you do.


  3. Who appoints these people? It’s things like this that make me question my decision to return to Mississippi



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