A Laconic Gauntlet Thrown

The past several posts about the threats and losses of Mississippi’s nationally significant and valuable historic resources have been heavy content.  Today will hopefully be a break with some lighter fare, allowing us to recharge our efforts.

Last week Malvaney unwittingly threw down a gauntlet with the recent post “A Harper Manhole Cover in Indianola”: to find a more laconic utility cover manufactured by the Harper Foundry of Jackson, Mississippi.  I will admit I would not have been so enthusiastic about declaring this challenge had I not already had this image burning a hole in my pocket.  So here it it is in all its laconic glory.

Harper Foundry Water Meter cover, Pascagoula, Jackson County.  May, 2013

Harper Foundry Water Meter Cover. Pascagoula, Jackson County. May, 2013

There’s no doubt that you will be able to figure out what’s underneath this cover.  In the center is a harp that we’ve seen before in the post “Harping” on About Water Meter Covers, but this cover bears no supplier’s name or location.  The difference about this harp emblem that we see above is that in the center of the harp resides a capital letter H in a circle.  I don’t know why the manufacturer’s or supplier’s name or location that is so often seen on some of these older style meter covers was omitted in this instance, but the “H” stamps this as Harper in a very laconic way.  If you know of a similar meter cover please share a detail photo with us on the MissPres Flickr page.

Detail Harper water meter cover. Pascagoula, MS 5-21-2013

Detail of Harper Foundry Water Meter Cover. Pascagoula, Jackson County. May, 2013

To celebrate this most laconic Harper Foundry water meter cover EVER that just so happens to be located in Pascagoula, I will offer up another meter cover; one made by Pascagoulans for Pascagoulans.

Pascagoula Foundry Water Meter, Pascagoula, Jackson County

Pascagoula Foundry Water Meter Cover. Pascagoula, Jackson County. 2013

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