Sardis Elementary Building

Sardis Elementary Building

Sardis Elementary Building

If you stopped by Sardis High School last week, you already know that the Elementary Building architect was Robert B. McKnight.  McKnight also designed a gymnasium/vocational building for the school complex, but it is no longer extant.  This simple one-story building was completed in 1948, and is part of the local Sardis Historic District which includes 89 properties (Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Historic Resources Inventory database).  McKnight was active during the Great Depression years and afterwards (prior to this building’s date), designing ice plants, bridges, powerhouses and dams (MDAH).  He was an ice plant designer for Southern United Ice Company in Jackson, and later an architectural bridge designer for the Mississippi State Highway Department.  Any idea where any of his bridges might be located?  During World War II, he worked for the Corps of Engineers as an architectural designer for powerhouses and dams.  And, indeed, this little Art Deco/Art Moderne gem has an industrial feel to it.

Elementary building front entrance

The former school is currently home to the Boys and Girls Club.

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  1. What an interesting design. The combination of that Art Deco/Art Moderne facade on a standard post war Modern structure. Mississippi is fond of combinding styles but I think this is a great example of transitional architecture.


  2. And there you go, I have learned something else new about architecture!


  3. Interesting indeed about the combined facades.
    I love the idea here of utilizing an old, but sound building for a very functional purpose such as the quite worthy Boys and Girls club.
    Also, someone needs to trim that hedge when it warms up. haha


  4. I’m on it.
    p.s.: love that brick


  5. I went to school there from 1954-1957. I still miss the school. I go check it out every few years. I simply can’t forget my roots.


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