Happy Birthday Historic Natchez Foundation!

imageThe Historic Natchez Foundation turns 40 in 2014 and will host a birthday celebration at its annual meeting on Thursday, January 23. The public is invited to attend. The foundation evolved in 1974 from meetings of a committee of the Natchez Historical Society. In January, Dr. Thomas H. Gandy appointed a committee to study the establishment of a revolving fund for historic preservation. At the February 19th meeting of the society, the revolving fund committee offered a resolution approved by the membership: “Be it resolved that a non-profit corporation be established to be known as the Historic Natchez Foundation for the purpose of preserving buildings in the public interest.” The society’s committee members became the founding members of the Historic Natchez Foundation: Grace MacNeil (chairman), Peggy Peabody (co-chairman), Brent Forman, Joan Gandy, Tom Gandy, Ron Miller, Howard Peabody, and Everette Truly. The foundation soon received its state charter and held its first organizational meeting on May 28 at Magnolia Vale, then the home of Howard and Peggy Peabody. The Natchez Democrat recognized the event on June 9 with an article headlined “Historic Natchez Foundation is official” and a lead sentence that read, “A significant event took place in Natchez last week.”

Cocktail Reception and Birthday Celebration for the Historic Natchez Foundation

Thursday, January 23

Photo Essay: 40 Years of Historic Preservation
Tour: The Archival Catacombs of the Institute

Natchez Institute
108 South Commerce Street, Natchez
Cocktail Reception 5:30 p.m.
Business 6:30 p.m.

(From the December 2013 issue of Progressive Preservation, the newsletter of the Historic Natchez Foundation.)

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