Keepers of the Flame

Burger Burger 2

Martha Ebberman shares stories of Biloxi’s past at Burger Burger.

Want to learn about the history of your town? Well, there always the library or perhaps a historic house museum. Or try the local burger joint. In Biloxi, a group of regulars gather for coffee each morning to talk politics at Burger Burger, surrounded by photographs of the people and places that make my hometown special. Owner Martha Ebberman says that it started with a couple of photos she hung after reopening the restaurant (which dates back to 1947) in a charming bungalow on Howard Avenue.  Then people just kept bringing in maps, posters and images of beloved local landmarks. Martha points out a photograph of the Grand Marshall of the Fireman’s Day Parade through downtown, hanging next to photographs of the White House Hotel and the Ship Island Lighthouse. On another wall, photos of Martha’s days as a chanteuse at Gus Stevens’ nightclub conjure up memories of Biloxi’s rowdy past.   So, where is your favorite local history museum/tire shop/diner?

Categories: Historic Preservation

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  1. Johnnie’s Drive-In in Tupelo. LONG LIVE THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!


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