Early Damage Reports from Hattiesburg

According to the African American Military History Museum Facebook page, the USO Building that houses the museum and the former Eureka School down the street both sustained heavy roof damage that is now being exacerbated by the rain that’s expected to continue through tomorrow. Check out their page for more pictures, but this one of Eureka, recently renovated, is pretty devastating.


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  1. Yes, that is terrible. I’m afraid that structure is not the only one of historical importance to have taken a hit Sunday evening. The Ogletree House on the campus of Southern Miss, which underwent an extensive reno and expansion back in ’08-’09 suffered some major damage on one end. The gorgeous live oaks and rose garden at the main entrance to campus also were damaged. Other properties in Hattiesburg with preservation significance that were affected include, but are probably not limited to, Mayor Johnny Dupree’s victorian home, Westminster Presbyterian, Mount Carmel Baptist, Smokie Harrington Park on the campus of Hattiesburg High (which has SO much history of its own), and too many to list of the picture perfect bungalos, victorians, and craftsman homes on the avenues.


  2. We’ve been reluctant to drive around too much given the fact that the utilitiy companies and other rescue and volunteer workers, which we will be numbered among tomorrow and Thursday, are out and about trying to provide some solace to the affected citizens; but on a trip to the grocery tonight we witnessed, first-hand, the devastation. It is total in some areas and our fellow Pine Belt residents are in our prayers and we stand ready and willing to help in any way. Will keep y’all posted on our effort to add to the over-all struggle to put things right in our home town.


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