MissPres News Roundup 2-4-2013

Coverage of the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras festivities didn’t keep us from finding a handful of preservation related stories this week.

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We’ll start in Jackson where the Fondren area was in the news as an example of an area that is “bucking” a trend in that the historic neighborhood is gaining new population and businesses.  The article focuses on the “creative” types who are making Fondren home, as well as the different events that continue to breathe life into the community.

The Dale Building, now Fondren Corner, began life as a one-story structure and was planned to eventually grow to six stories total

The Dale Building, now Fondren Corner, began life as a one-story structure and was planned to eventually grow to six stories total

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Moving closer to downtown Jackson, the Coliseum could see a facelift and other renovations if the Agriculture Commission is successful in getting the State Legislature to find a way to secure funding for the needed work.  The work to be done is likely to focus on the interior, but a little on the “curb appeal” of the exterior as well.  Plans are still in the early stages for the extent of the work to be done – so this will become one of those stories that we keep an eye on for future developments.

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Up in Rosedale, word is that the reopening of the Courthouse – which has been undergoing restoration for the past year or so.  The building suffered from some foundation issues, leading to walls that began pulling away from the structure.  Celebrations related to the reopening are being held today after the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning.

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Down in Biloxi, White Pillars $2 Million restoration and expansion is nearly complete.  They are still looking for a fine-dining restaurant to call the building home, according to the story.  My favorite part of the story is how the owners pointed out that the original windows are still in use.  Perhaps preservationists around the state can point to this renovation as a good example of the importance of reusing windows.

Finally, a follow-up from last week regarding the potential local district in Starkville.  The HPC and supporters of the proposed district continued to work on addressing concerns of the opponents.  In this most recent article, it is clear that property rights issues / concerns are the main reason for opposition.  Hopefully, the HPC and district supporters will be able to show people that a historic district does more to protect property values than not having a district would.

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