“Ghosts of Ole Miss” on ESPN

If you’re looking for a break from the Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy coverage tonight, check out ESPN’s “Ghosts of Ole Miss” about the 1962 football season in the midst of violence over integration: “In the fall of 1962, James Meredith walked onto the University of Mississippi campus and integrated the school under order and protection of the federal government. That same fall, the Ole Miss football team was in the midst of its only perfect season in school history.” Tonight (Oct 30) at 7:00 on ESPN.

Categories: Civil Rights, Oxford, Recent Past, Universities/Colleges

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  1. Last night, I was belatedly reading about the perfect season. I had actually discovered this website back when I posted on Miller Hall, and on the Meredith memorial statue a year or so ago. Definitely interesting.


  2. A friend who remembered your post and had read the article you linked to sent this to me, and I meant to link back but got lazy :-)


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