MissPres News Roundup 8-28-2012

A storm seems to be headed our way – maybe.  Those of you closer to the coast, take the proper precautions and stay safe.

Here’s the preservation news that made the rounds this week:

Starting off in Natchez, The Democrat reports that there are questions from City leaders about the status of the fines leveled on Arlington.  Part of the confusion is over what exactly is due – the City thought the fines totaled $48,000 while the judge in the case reported to the Council that it was only $2,500 for the grass cutting done by Public Works.  From the story, it sounds like the City is very interested in sorting out the confusion and aggressively seeking fines due on the historic property.

Moving to Biloxi, the latest news on the White House Hotel is that the City has told the current owner to stabalize it or tear it down.  Seems like they are done with granting extensions (which they were doing while new ownership was being sought) – and I don’t think that bodes well for the building.

Moving to Houston Mississippi, their city leaders are also looking at problematic buildings in their downtown.  They recently requested two downtown property owners to bring their buildings (which are located in the Courthouse Square area of town) up to code.  One has been working on his building, but has had some trouble keeping workers on the job.  The other was not happy to receive the notice and wanted the city to leave him and his tenet alone.  Maybe someone should talk about the Tax Credit benefits of the National Register . . . that might help give the property owners some incentives to fix up their buildings and the City will have the nicer downtown they desire.

A story from Hinds County (Clinton Area) is that during some foundation work for a new building, a small cemetery dating back to the 1830s was discovered.  Working with archeologists from MDAH and Mississippi State, the four burials discovered will be studied before being re-interred at a cemetery similar in age.

Mississippi wine lovers will have to watch a project in GreenwoodThe story there is that a couple has purchased the city’s oldest fire station with hopes of turning it into a winery.  Their plans include restoration according to MDAH and Secretary of the Interior’s Standards – so it sounds like a pretty creative adaptive reuse tax credit project.  Wine is not my forte, but I would love to see how the project turns out.

A recent story out of Washington, DC caught our attention this week too.  The US Capitol is in need of repairs – but a lack of funds means that we don’t know when the buildings cracks (1,300 at least according to the New York Times) and leaks will go unrepaired for a while.  Some appropriations bills and short-term spending bills have been talked about, but, of course, the political climate will play a factor in when/if anything is done.

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  1. Mr. Gordon, how many days have I felt, just like the property owner in Houston, that people should leave me and my tenet alone!?! As Daniel Webster almost said, “It is a small tenet but ….” LOL. This should show that even your slips of the cyberpen are treasured.


  2. As for Natchez story, it is unfortunate that historic resources are at the mercy of the level of competence and communication and knowledge held by municipal officers in small rural towns. As for Biloxi, previously unrestored resources will not be aided by this week’s wind, rain, and storm surge. As for Greenwood – let’s celebrate any good news now that I hear Viking has been sold and will be pulling out of town.


    • Natchez is one we’ll have to keep watching – and I’m dreading what we’ll hear from the Coast by this time next week.

      I hadn’t heard that Viking was pulling out of Greenwood. After all the good they did for the community by fixing up buildings using Tax Credits, I thought they were there for a while.


  3. I knew Viking Systems, up at Westboro, sold or is selling to Conmed, but is Viking at Greenwood also being sold? I had not heard that. It has been less than a month since Crump, of that Greenwood, extolled corporate local leadership. See http://www.sfltimes.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=10567&Itemid=331


  4. I took some photos of the white house hotel this weekend. Hopefully it does not look any worse this time next week.


  5. Wow, I hadn’t heard that either about Viking and Greenwood–what a blow if true!

    As for the U.S. Capitol, I am all for fiscal responsibility and that’s why I’m all for fixing roof problems before they develop into REALLY BIG problems that will cost a lot more than $60 million! Ridiculous penny-wise, pound-foolish thinking to do anything else.


  6. What is the connection between Viking and the Alluvian Hotel? I have heard it said that Viking restored the building and business in part to supply lodging for the company’s visitors.


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