MissPres News Roundup: 7-2-2012

Welcome to July!  The year is 1/2 over already – which is hard to believe.

Since Thomas Rossell spilled the beans on the early-in-the-week Job Corps / 33rd Avenue School story as a comment on last week’s roundup – my work this week is one story easier!

We’ll start out in Starkville where the HPC is still examining and editing their not-yet-completed design guidelines.  From what I can tell, they have been going through each section of the guidelines with a really fine tooth comb before they approve a final set.  Hopefully, we’ll hear that they have a full set soon.

Up near Philadelphia, word is that a cabin at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds is being restored as a museum space.  The exhibits – which are expected to be ready this fall – will portray “five components of the Fair: family, the racetrack and barns, the pavilion, carnival rides and cabins.”  Should be a great attraction for fair-goers each year.

A couple of weeks ago, Mississippi Main Street had their annual awards and I saw a couple of stories make the rounds.  Biloxi and Pascagoula were honored for some good adaptive re-use projects and events. Also honored was the Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum in Cleveland.  Congrats all around!

A story that was in every paper I looked at last week was about the L.C.Q. Lamar House in Oxford.  Seems that things are “squirrelly” there.  The oak trees that surround the house – combined with recent renovations that have opened the attic to allow it to “breath” – have let the squirrels in.  The vented openings are screened – but apparently they are too weak to withstand the critters – who like to chew on the house.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau will be looking at ways to “eradicate the problem without harming the squirrels” and the funds to repair the damage the squirrels have cause will come from the maintenance budget for the museum.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

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3 replies

  1. Re: the L. Q. C. Lamar House, they should get some house…er..ATTIC cats!


  2. I like squirrels, but realized after they invaded my attic two years in a row and started chewing on things that it was either them or my house. I hired a guy who “took care” of them and covered all my gable vents with wire (and the holes they had chewed in my soffits too). Looks a little tacky, but no problems in the last two years.


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