Mississippi by Air: Camp Zion, Myrtle

A while back, I ran a newspaper clipping post from 1923 Vicksburg Post recounting the editor’s trip over the city in an airplane. I mentioned that I had started to accumulate aerial view postcards and that I needed to start posting them every once in a while. Well, here’s perhaps my most unusual Mississippi aerial view, and since it’s camping season, it seems appropriate.

CAMP ZION, Calling America Back to God. The purpose of camp is to get a better knowledge of the Word of God, the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers, and to pray for revival in America. Baptist Power Conference meets week after 4th Sundays in January and Baptist Youth Conference meets week of July the 4th every year. Camp is free to all who attend, including meals and beds. Camp is located at Myrtle, Mississippi, on Highway 78. Camp is owned and operated by Myrtle Baptist Church, Percy Ray, Director.

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  1. The camp is still in business, apparently with the same rules as 1949 when it was established–no shorts, no pantsuits, and no mini-skirts for women, and no long hair for men.


  2. Landscaping has changed and more building have been built, but they do still have the camp meetings. This is about 6 miles from my house and my daughter has attended some of the evening services with other friends.


  3. Very interesting. This is something I’ve never heard of!


  4. I spent a week at the camp back in or about in 1972. We were there as a field trip from my church. There were about 40 of us at camp that summer. I was introduced to GOD during that time.I can still remember Dr Percy Ray preaching on eternity in hell ; he walked back and forth across the stage for about 3 minutes saying FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER,FOREVER describing how long your soul spends in HELL unless you repent. It was a very powerful message. I thank him for delivering GOD’s word so personal that night.


    • How much shouting was going on and were people waving hankerchiefs? When I made my application to camp back in the early 70’s, I remember being on the form that it was for white people only. Does anyone remember this custom? I came away from the camp with a hoarse voice from all the shouting I did. It was a very inspiring time.


      • I also attended this camp in the early 80’s and it was a white-only camp at that time. Had I known, I would NEVER have attended, as such discriminastion is greatly displeasing to God, who would have all men to be saved, not just whites. I pray that this sin is not still being committed here.


  5. I’m 55 years old now . I attended camp Zion when I was 15 and it changed my life the Lord saved me there . Bro mcbeth was preaching . I think it was 1975


  6. I went to this camp when I was teenager almost starved the food was dispicible. Not suitable no activities or recreation they shove the Word down your throat you are brain wash to give up items or go to HELL so my friend gave up her wedding rings. Nobody owed Percy anything or who ever the man in wheel chair was they were cons should be arrested.


  7. I first went to Camp Zion in 2013 and have went every year since excluding one. My spirit has been revived ever time I go. I guess I understand people not wanting to just focus on God and fellowship, it seems boring to the world. But I love Jesus and the men of God that preach there! It’s deep preaching and the friends and family that are there are amazing. The old school type of camp is nice. It’s nice to dress up and sleep in the dorms and eat what is donated and provided! If you don’t like it, you can go to Walmart or the dollar store and get something else lol! My family of 6 drive down from Michigan and I’ll be uploading some videos to YouTube. The gifts brought to the alter are not sold, they are redeemed and the stories behind each offering is just as amazing as the story of the one who redeems it! ❤️ Give it a try, or don’t, but the ones that go year after year, always receive blessings. I will go and still go as long as we can 🇺🇸✝️❤️


  8. My Dad was a preacher in Houston,Texas. My Mother and Dad and several friends would go every year. They would come back home talking about the great preaching by Bro Percy Ray and the great services and how God would move in the services. I couldn’t wait till I turned 12 so I could attend. I got to go one time and it was great. My Mother was a preacher’s wife but she found salvation at one of the meetings. It was in 1965 or 1966 when I got to go. Both my Mother and Dad are in God’s presence now and I bet they are enjoying it. America needs to find its way back to God now. God is the only hope America has now


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