Vacation Postcards: Blue Gables Tourist Court, Hattiesburg

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

BLUE GABLES TOURIST COURT. 3 Mi. North, Highway 49, P.O. Box 1331, HATTIESBURG, MISS. NEW, MODERN, FIREPROOF. Beautifully furnished and decorated. Private Tub and Shower Baths. Phone: 9553. Postmarked June 27, 1950.

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  1. I think this survived until at least the 1980s. From what I understand, the site is now occupied by the Mark IV and mark V Apartments. “Blue Gables Drive” seems to be the only reference to the past in its present incarnation.


    • Tom~

      I’m still wiping egg from my face spread on by Mulvaney for questioning his take on whether the FBI or Katrina took The Alamo Plaza down. He won…it was Katrina.
      But the “Blue Gables Tourist Court ” was on the hill, not in the valley at the intersection of Highway 49 and 31st Avenue…in the southwest corner of that intersection. My grandparents lived on the farm at the intersection of 7th Street and 31st Avenue.. which is now Highland Park Cemetery. After my grandparents moved out of Parkhaven due to losses during the Depression, he was able to swap his interests in his Burkett Sheet Metal Wks. shop Building building at 119 Newman Street for the farmland. Fowler Butane Gas took possession of the building and property.

      Rawls Springs Hill is located at the northeast section of Highway 49 and 31st. Avenue which is the site of the ” City Waterworks.”
      If I am incorrect, feel free to wash my face with the facts.


      • I believe the the Alamo Plaza was torn down to build another high rise condo. Don’t recall the name right now but it has a tacky crown on top. Sadly it survived Katrina.


        Jim Miller PO Box 1929 Gulfport MS 39502 228-223-6585



        • Yes, there was a decision to demolish the Alamo Plaza by the “new narrative” developers before the FBI destroyed the establishment in a forced entry exercise in 2003… conducted by Team Alpha Six. What is this fixation with the number 6? Wasn’t the lynching of OBL conducted by SEAL TEAM 6 ?
          I suspect the FBI and the SEALs borrowed from Mel Brooks’ film Blazin’ Saddles in the scene where Slim Pickens is explaining to Harvey Kormann on how to run everyone out of Rock Ridge by doing an O’l Number six on the town.


  2. Love, love, love those old tin can tourist haunts!

    I highly recommend “The Motel in America (The Road and American Culture)” by Jakle, Sculle and Rogers to anyone who’s been keeping up with these postcards.


  3. Excellent book! I have it on my shelf!


  4. Thanks for postcard. I remember Blue Gables vividly but it sure is nice to fill in the fuzzy details,


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