Name This Place 9.1.1

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  1. Longwood, in Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi.


  2. Designed by architect Samuel Sloan from Philadelphia, for Dr. Haller Nutt in an Italian villa style, octagonal mode. It was begin in 1859, halted in 1861 due to Civil War, and never completely finished. Episodes of True Blood were filmed here.


  3. Suz got it in one. I’d recognize those door knobs anywhere.


  4. Well imagine my surprise to wake up and see that the post that I thought I had scheduled for 3 PM had published at 3 AM! Oh well, the best laid plans. Suzassippi grabs four points, as will be explained in the post that was supposed to come before this one! Maybe this should be considered an early bonus point rather than a full post since I haven’t actually posted the rules yet?


    • Imagine my surprise when I woke at 4, and being unable to go back to sleep, grabbed the iPad. “That Malvaney is getting slick,” I thought to myself. “Publishing in the wee hours like that and all.” I was taken aback that there were no rules, so I will graciously acquiesce my stunning stroke of fortuity and say “Do Over.” And just when I thought there was at least one advantage to my mid-sleep disturbance. :)


    • That is quite gracious of you–I think one bonus point is still in order to help you emotionally deal with your sleep disorder but won’t be enough to discourage all the slightly later risers who might want to contend for the grand prize.

      “Slick” is never a word that describes me at 4 in the morning, I can assure you. “Unconscious” would be better.


  5. The house was based upon a design in Sloan’s pattern book titled “An Oriental Villa” which was intended more as an illustration of what could theoretically be possible. Sloan never thought anyone would actually request it as shown. Dr. Nutt, flush with cash, did just that.


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